Port & Harbour

Mormugao Port


The port is a natural harbour and immensely important from commercial point of view. However, you can also pay a visit to the port because a number of cruise ship sail in every morning. These cruise ships take you round on a trip to Goa, passing through beaches, churches and temples. These trips are basically for few hours since the ship sail out of Goa in the evening.

Haldia Dock


Haldia Dock, located on of the major trading centre in the region, was commissioned by Kolkata Port Trust in 1977. The complex features composite cargo handling facilities with particular emphasis on bulk cargo.

It is due to the port of Haldia, the place has emerged as a commercial hub of West Bengal. At present, the port handles an annual cargo of around 21 million tonnes that is almost double of Kolkata Port. The current contribution of port to import is 15.89 million tonnes, whereas 4.80 tonnes is exported from the port.

New Mangalore Port


New Mangalore Port, established in 1974 and located in Panambur near Mangalore, known by the name of New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT) is the one and only one major port of Karnataka. It has the distinction of the ninth biggest port of India. Its construction got completed in 12 years.

It is stationed to north of confluence of Gurupura river to Arabian sea. The port serves neighbourhood of Karnataka state and to some degrees state of Kerala.

Kidderpore Dock


Kidderpore Docks built in before 1775 A.D. Wet docks followed at Kidderpore 3,2 kms down streem of Calcutta Jetties, were opend to traffic in 1892 A.D. The dock asthy king Georgels dock. The extensive dock system was formally opened by the vieern, lord Irwin, on December 29,1928 and renamed as Netajl subhas dock in 1973 Mean while, four river side Jetties and a Coal jetty had been completed at garden reach in 1925.

Sagar Lighthouse and Port at Beguakhali


The Sagar Lighthouse is situated at the Sagardwip Beach, near the port of Beguakhali, in Sagar Island of Bengal. This lighthouse is known for providing a panoramic view of the beach, as well as of the sunrise and sunset at the place. It also forms a part of the Sagar Marine Park; and the port of Beguakhali situated near it, is also one of the popular attractions of Sagardwip.

Mundra Port


Mundra Port is situated almost 10 Kms far from Mundra city. There are two ports: (1) Old Port (2) Adani Port. These ports are used the whole year. Today, these ports have much traffic of many large ships and steamers of world. These ports have a very bright future. Many people come from other states to work here. Mundra is also known for dry date 'Kharek'. Kharek is exported to the other states.


Jakhau Port


Jakhau Port is also one of the oldest ports of Kutch. Today, this port is only used for fisher men. Jakhau Port has its own importance. This is a very beautiful Port of Kutch. There is a centre for coastguard and water department of B.S.F. in Jakhau Port.