Navagraha Sthalas, the most auspicious location where one can offer prayers to the nine planets, has been revered as the most important religious destination in Tamil Nadu state in South India. The name of the place itself means the location (Sthalas) of Nine Planets (Navagraha).

The temples dedicated to nine planets are Vaideeswaran Koil Angaraka dedicated to Mars, Thiruvenkadu dedicated to Mercury (Budha), Keezhperumpallam dedicated to Ketu (stands for descending node of Chandra- Moon), Thirunallar dedicated to Saturn (Sani), Kanjanur dedicated to Venus (Sukra), Suryanar Koil dedicated to Sun (Surya), Thirunageswaram dedicated to Rahu (stands for the ascending node of Chandra - Moon), Thingalur dedicated to Moon (Chandra) and Alangudi dedicated to Jupiter (Guru).

A pilgrimage tour to these nine temples has assured benefits in eliminating the malignant effects of the planets on the person’s life, to strengthen the planetary influences for prosperity, to weaken the bad effects and bad influences of the planets on the well being of the person and also to understand the astronomical powers and importance of the planets in the day to day life of the human populaces.

All these nine temples are located in a close circuit, in and around the famous temple town of Kumbakonam. Each of these temples are unique with special features in beliefs, rituals and traditions. The temple structures are all attractive and architecturally marvelous. The locations are all picturesque and attractive. Apart from pilgrims, many tourists loving to enjoy the nature and its gifts prefer to visit Navagraha Sthalas.


Air: Navagraha Sthalas is situated in Thanjavur district, located in and around. Suryanarcoil is situated 15 km away from Kumbakonam. Thingalore is located 3 km from Thiruvayuru. Vaitheeswarancoil, Thiruvengadu, Alangudi, Kanchanur, Thirunallar, Thirunageswaram and KIzhaperumpallam are all placed close to Tanjavur. Trichy international airport 58 km away from Thanjavur is the nearest airport. Trichy is connected to Chennai by regular flights. Chennai (345 km) and Banglore (390 km) are other major airports nearby. These airports are well connected with most of the cities in India and many cities abroad. Taxis are available and cost is about Rs 1000 from Trichy airport to Navagraha sthalas temples. .

Rail: Trichy Junction is the nearest rail head, which is at a distance of 58 km Thanjavur. Tiruchy Junction is an important railway station in Trivandrum – Chennai route via Madurai. Regular train facilities are there from Tiruchy to Madurai and Chennai.

Road: Tamil Nadu road transport corporation buses connect Thanjavur and all the Navagraha sthalas temples with other major cities in the state. Regular bus services are available from Tiruchy and Madurai to Navagraha Sthalas. It is well linked with other cities by private tourist buses as well. It is connected to Trivandrum, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Chennai and Bangalore.

Summer 23-37°C, Winter 17-30°C
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Oct - Mar