Nagore (sometimes spelled Nagoor) is a town in the Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India. It is located approximately 16 km south of Karaikal and 4 km north of Nagapattinam. It has a population of approximately 30,000.
Nagore is a religious destination located north of Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu. This is a small town along the shore of Bay of Bengal. This place has its prime attraction in a renowned Nagore Dargah, a revered place by Muslims. Nagore Dargah, five century’s old Muslim Shrine, attracts thousands of pilgrims to this land irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The festival season in Nagore is during October and November with very popular Kandhuri festival celebrated with festivities and pomp and show.

Nagore Dargah, the prime attraction in Nagore, is an important and revered pilgrimage place in Nagore. This Muslim shrine is dedicated to Meeran Sahib Abdul Qadir Shahul Hamid Badshah. The Dargah is known for architectural excellence. The structure of the Dargah is attractive with domed arches and lovely minarets. The largest tower has a height of 131 ft and is known as ‘Periya Minara’. There are three Nagore Dargah shrines located at Nagore, Vanjur and Silladi. The prime shrine and major campus is at Nagore. The tombs of Meeran Sahib, his son Syed Mohammed Yusuf and Saeeda Sultana Biwi, the daughter in law are seen in a golden dome building in the complex. It is believed that Dargah offers cure to many diseases and miseries. The water in a holy tank in the Dargah premise is believed to have curative powers.

Nagore beach is an entertaining location for tourists looking for secluded holidays. The long sandy beach is serene and tidy. There are many famous tourists’ attractions nearby. There are many eye catching natural views in and around the Nagore beach. These include Velankanni, Kodikkarai, Thirukkadaiyur and Sikkal.


By Air: Nearest airport to Nagore is at Tiruchirappali (Trichy) at distance of about 140 kms. It is well connected to Chennai airport by regular flights.

By Rail:
Nearest railhead to Nagore is at Nagapattinam, which is just 5 kms away from the holy city of Nagore. Nagapattinam is well rail connected to all major cities in India through Chennai and Tiruchirapalli.

By Road: Nagore is connected by buses to all the major towns and cities in Tamilnadu and also connected to cities in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Regular bus services are available to Madurai, Kanyakumari, Chennai, Trichy, Pondicherry, Trivandrum and Thanjavur.


As far as the Accommodation in Nagore is concerned, though there is no 5 star and luxury hotel, bungalows and cheap stays are available. These Accommodation in Nagore stay options are economic and yet offer an atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed.


Kandhoori festival
Every year, during the lunar month of Jumada al-Thani, the Nagore Dargah Shrines celebrate a festive season known as 'Kandhuri Urs'. Pilgrims, including non-Muslims, from far and wide come for 'Ziyarat'. It is obnoxiously painful to note that the votaries worship him, instead of respecting and revering him. Kandhuri Urs marks the death anniversary of Meeran Sahib. The Urs commences on the first of Jumada-al-Akhira' when pilgrims assemble at Meera Pally (17th century mosque) in Nagapattinam. They proceed towards Nagore in procession with a Rath that carries flags of the Dargah. On reaching Nagore Dargah Complex, the flags are hoisted marking the inauguration of Kandhuri Urs. Votaries of Meeran Sahib start performing their troth (pledged word). On the tenth day a grand procession again starts at Nagapattinam; this time from 'Koottadi', an open ground solely retained for this festivity. The procession carries Koodu, a pot containing Sandalwood paste. The procession ends at the tomb of Meeran Sahib and the sandal paste is spread over his tomb. On the fourteenth day the flags are quietly pulled down marking the end of the festive season.

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Summer 23-37°C, Winter 17-30°C
Best time to visit
Nov - Mar