One of the nine districts in the state of Manipur in north-eastern India, Thoubal is surrounded by Imphal on the north, Ukhrul and Chandel on the east, Churachanpur on the south and Bishnupur on the west.

Thoubal is one of the nine districts of Manipur. The Manipur Sahitya Samiti and Tomjing Ching are some of the important attractions located in the district. Another major attraction is the Loktak Lake which is popular for the floating biomass. The Keibul Lamjao National Park near this lake is a natural habitat of various endangered species of animals.

The Ikop Lake is at an elevation of 772 m above sea level and has the shape of saucer basin with a mild slope and silted bottom. The other popular lakes in the district are the Kharung, Pumlen, Lousi and Ngangou. The Waithou Lake, Khekman Range, Punam Hill, Mantak, Kwarok and Thongam Mondum-Punam are some of the major tourist attractions in the district. The prominent towns in Thoubal are Kakching and Khongjom where the last war took place for the independence of Manipur between the local people and the British soldiers.

The Khangabok, Ningel, Wangjing, Wabagai, Pallel and Yairipok are the main villages of the district. Ningel is famous for the two megalithic monuments. The Chinga Lairembi temple, Manipur Sahitya Samiti Building, Tomjing Ching and Panthoibee temple are the prime tourist attractions in the region.

Thoubal's economy is dependent on agriculture. Main crops cultivated in Thoubal are rice paddy, mustard seeds, pulses, sugarcane, oilseeds, maize, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Other important occupations in Thoubal include animal husbandry, fishing and weaving, and producing raw silk.

The important rivers of this place are Imphal and Thoubal. The Thoubal River originates in the Ukhrul hill ranges while the Imphal River rises in the Senapati Hills and flows south. The south western area of Thoubal has a number of shallow and rain fed lakes inlcluding Kharung Ikop, Pumlen, Lousi and Ngangou.

Thoubal is also locally popular as the place where the last battle of independence for Manipur was fought against the British troops in the year 1891. Important tourist places in Thoubal are the Chinga Lairembi Temple, Manipur Sahitya Samiti building, Tomjing ching, Panthoibee Temple, Waithou, Khongjom, Pallel and Sugnu. Shopping centres in Thoubal include Thoubal Keithel, Ningombam Luxmi Bazar and the Athokpam Bazar.

Thoubal has a pleasant climate all through the year. The monsoon season is during June to September. This season sees the rain water in the hills flowing down to the valley resulting in floods. Winter sets in from December and continues till February and can be very cold. April to May are the summer months. Occasional thunder storms are also a feature of the summer months. The most pleasant months are March and October and hence, an ideal time to visit Thoubal.

Thoubal has an international road that leads all the way to Myanmar. Thoubal is also well connected by road with all other places in Manipur. The nearest airport is located in Imphal which is 22 km away and has flights to and from Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Dimapur, Mumbai and Bangalore. The closest railway station is around 240 km away at Dimapur.