West Bengal


West Bengal is renowned for its rich art and culture as well as the intellectual aura of its people. The richness of Bengali culture also reflects in the music of the state. Music, more than being an art, is a passion for Bengalis. More than a millennium old, Bengali music has become diverse with so many varieties within. The variety is such that once you get familiar with it, you will not need to look beyond it. From classical to rock, folk to devotional, you will get almost every possible music form in Bangla Sangeet. Then, there is the display of a wide range of emotions - be it love, sadness, anxiety, motivation, devotion or spirituality. Let us know more about the music of West Bengal.

The culture of West Bengal is renowned, worldwide, for its richness and variety. The cuisines, music, costumes, language and wonderful dances of the state are important constituents of its rich and varied culture. The folk dance forms of West Bengal are known for their beauty and fervor. The dance encyclopedia of this rich culture includes a wide variety within itself. Each region of the state has something different to exhibit. Altogether, it forms a wonderful combination of varied dance forms. Here, we will provide you information on the six most popular dance forms of West Bengal.

In Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore has the credit of rehabilitating dancing as a fine art to be learnt by young as a part of their education. During the last twenty five years the new dance movement has made considerable progress not only in West Bengal but also other parts of India