The cultural heritage of Sikkim is expressed in its traditional folk dances. Sikkim is domiciled by many ethnic castes and tribes; each of them has its own interesting folk dances. The major inhabitants of Sikkim are divided into three communities, the Lepchas, the Bhutias and the Nepalese respectively. The folk dances and music have become an inseparable part of Sikkim Culture. A majority of the dances are associated with the startling beauty of the natural environs. Some of them depict the harvest season and other dances are performed for opulence. The traditional dances of Sikkim go together with the tunes of many musical instruments.

Folk dances and songs are an ingrained part of Sikkimese culture. All tour and Travel needs for India by Indian travel agent. Most of the dances related to the amazing beauty of the natural surroundings, some signifies the harvest season and others are performed for prosperity. Many of the musical instruments that accompany the dances are unique to Sikkim. Almost all the dances are accompanied by the musical instruments.