India is a land of music and dance, and Delhi is no exception. The music engenders both a spirit of identity and provides entertainment as relief from the daily grind of wrenching a living from a modern way of fast-paced lifestyle. There is a unavoidable medley in Delhi's music which comes from a tradition that is old and tranquil, and from a culture that has imbibed the best from all over the country. People from all over the nation come here to perform, and Delhi echoes the pulse with an immense concentration all through the night. Even if you check into any opulent hotel, you can enjoy live performances during any cultural evening, frequently staged for their guests. Anytime..a live performance is much more exciting than watching the same on a television. Plan a trip to Nizam-ud-din's shrine on any Thursday, and you can listen to musicians who gather to sing 'qawwalis' (devotional chants) written by great poet Amir Khusrao, a disciple of the Muslim saint to whom the mosque is dedicated. Indian Travel Agent offers Visit India and explore India.