Sprawling over an area of around 3,761.2 sq km, Simdega is located in the state of Jharkhand. This district on the north is bounded by Gumla District and on the south by the state of Orissa. On the east, the destination is surrounded by West Singhbhum, while on the west lies the state of Chhattisgarh. The district headquarters of the destination is Simdega, which is located at an average elevation of 418 metres.

Simdega District is one of the twenty four districts in Jharkhand. It is famous for the Kelaghagh Dam, built across the Chhinda River. Motor boating and parasailing are organised here by the district administration of Simdega.

The Ram Rekha Dham is a pilgrimage site that has several archaeological structures and an old cave temple devoted to Lord Rama, his wife and his brother. The Chhinda Falls and the Rajadera and Dangadi Waterfalls are other attractions situated near the Chhinda River.

Another prime attraction is the Ketunga Dham that is managed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Many statues of Buddha have been excavated from the site by the ASI.

Historical evidences reveal that Simdega in its ancient days was known by the name of Biru-Kaishalpur pargana. During this time, the destination was under the reign of Raja Katangadeo. However, after the demise of Raja Katangadeo, Simdega was conquered by Maharaja Shivakarna.

Later in 1441 AD, Munda and Kharia tribes started settling within the region, which were followed by the Oraon tribe, who entered the destination in around 1503 AD from Rohtas. For some period, the destination was under the rule of the Kalinga Empire. However in 1336 AD, Harideo of Gang Dynasty was made the king of Biru. At present, ancestors of the Royal Family, reside within Simdega.

Apart from being known for its history, the destination is also a popular tourist attraction of the state of Jharkhand. Kelaghagh Dam, Ram rekha Dham, Dangadi and Ketunga Dham are some of the most prominent attractions of the region. In addition, tourists can head towards some of the other popular attractions, which include Rajadera, Bhairo Baba Pahari and Bhanwar Pahar.

Reaching the destination is not much of a hassle, owing to the presence of flights, trains and buses. Ranchi Airport, located at a distance of 162 km, is the nearest airport. Tourists can also board trains, which are served by Rourkela Railway Station, located at a distance of around 70 km from Simdega. Buses are also available from places like Rourkela and Ranchi. The best time to explore Simdega is from February to April.