Pakur is an administrative district which is situated on the north-eastern corner of Jharkhand. This district is surrounded by Sahebganj District in the north and Dumka district in the south. Hilly area, rolling area and alluvial area are the three topographical divisions of this district. Bansloi, Brahmini, Bansloi and Torai are the main rivers flowing through the district.

Covering an area of 686.21 sq km, this district comprises seven blocks; namely Pakur (Urban), Pakur (Rural), Hiranpur, Littipara, Amrapara, Pakuria and Maheshpur. The headquarters of this district is based at Pakur city, which was previously known as Pakaur. Before 1868 it remained a sub-division of Santhal Pargana District which was then divided into Sahebganj, Dumka, Godda and Deoghar districts.

In the ancient times, this district comprised two estates known as Pakur Raj and Maheshpur Raj. Today, the district is inhabited by over 7 lakh people who are mainly engaged in agricultural and allied activities.

Economically, this district generates the highest revenues for Howrah Railway Division, as it supplies a large amount of black stone chips across India. The tribal people of this region are known as Sauria Paharia, who are further divided into three distinct cultural groups, namely the Probia, the Bare and the Chete.

The main festival celebrated by the local people is Soharai, which is held in the month of December and January. Dussehra, Hariar, Irigundali, Janthar and Sokarat are some of the other festivals celebrated in the region.

Nityakali Mandir, Shiv Sheetla Mandir and Mahakal Shakthi Peeth are the major attractions of this district. Birsa Munda Airport at Ranchi serves direct flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna and is the nearest airport.

The district is served by Pakur Railway Station, which is served by the Eastern Railways. Pakur Bus Station is the main bus terminal in the district, which serves buses from several nearby destinations. The best time to visit Pakur is from September to March, when the temperature is moderate.