Mayiladuthurai (mayilāṭuturai, formerly Mayuram or Mayavaram) is a city and a municipality in Nagapattinam district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The town is located in the historic Thanjavur area on the banks of river Cauvery and is dominated by the community of 'Brahmins' and 'Muslims'.

Mayiladuthurai, formerly known as Mayavaram, is a religious and scenic tourist destination located in Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu State. The town Mayiladuthurai is situated on the banks of the famous river Cauvery. Mayiladuthurai literally means the place of peacock’s dance.

Mythical stories behind the name Mayiladuthurai are many. One of the stories tells that Goddess Parvathi took birth as a peacock (Mayuram) and worshipped Lord Shiva in her Mayuravathar. According to literary works like Mayiladuthurai Mahaangal, many saints lived in and around this famous place and attained Moksha through Samadhi. There is a village in the western outskirts of Mayiladuthurai known as Sidharkaadu, a place where many saints lived.

There are many temples in and around Mayiladuthurai making it a most sought pilgrim destination. Utha Vadieshwarar Temple, Mayooranathar Temple, Vallalar Temple, Ayyarapper Temple, Parimala Ranganathar temple, Gangai konda Cholapuram are some among them. This town also hosts famous Navagraha temples. There are some more temples in the vicinity of Mayiladuthurai. Vaitheeswarankoil, Medhaa Dakshinamurthi temple, the Sukran Temple and a temple in Tirukkadavur are also attractive for religious tourists.

Mayiladuthurai is a place with natural scenic views. Pleasant ambiance and unpolluted environment make this place fantastic for pleasure seeking tourists. The local people are hospitable and one can enjoy the local south Indian taste from the local restaurants. There are many shopping facilities in and around the cities. Many artifacts and handicrafts materials are available at a cheap rate at this place.


By Air: Nearest airport is at Trichi. Nearest major airport to Mayiladuthurai is Chennai International Airport located at about 281 km distance.

By Rail: Mayiladuthurai railhead is one of the major rail junctions in Southern railway network and is well connected to other major cities by rail.

By Road: Mayiladuthurai is directly connected to all neighboring cities through Tamil Nadu State Road Transport Buses. Private deluxe buses are available from Chennai, Bangalore and Mysore every day.

STD Code
Summer 28-38°C, Winter 24-28°C
Best time to visit
Oct - Mar