Dindigul district was formed in the year 1985. It was a part of the Madurai district till then. This district has boundaries with Erode, Coimbatore, Karur and Trichy districts on the North, Sivaganga and Tiruchi District on the East, Madurai district on the South and Theni and Coimbatore Districts and Kerala State on the West.
Dindigul was under the rule of the famous Muslim King Tipu Sultan and has a glorious history. The historical Dindigul Fort is built by the famous Naik King Muthukrishnappa Naicker. This fort was a major area of military operations of the Marathas, Hyder Ali and the British.

Dindigul is considered as a "City of Locks and Tanneries". The city has a large number of Textile industries. The Dindigul town is associated with the manufacturing of Iron Locks and has a number of handloom industries also. Dindigul has been a centre of trade for tobacco and manufacture of Cigars, from the time of British rule. Presently, this area is famous for the Chewing Tobacco and employs a large number of people in this sector. The city is an wholesale market for Onions and Groundnut.

There are four dams Viz, Palar Porandalar, Varathamanathi, Pabap Palar and Maruthanathi provides irrigation facilities to agricultural fields in this district. Nilakkottai is famous for Brass Vessels, Jewellery and for the growing and marketing of flowers and Grapes. Ottanschatram is a market centre for vegetables and famous for the export of butter. Batlagundu is an important market for Tomato. Pattiveeranpatti is famous for Cardamom and Coffee enterprises.

There are a number of Educational institutions in this district. The district attracts a lot of deposit in the educational sector. There are many pilgrimage centres like Palani and tourist places like Kodaikanal in this district.


Dindigul was first ruled by the great Muslim Monarch, Tipp sultan. And it was Ruled by Naickes of Madurai. On the memorable of Naicker’s rule till 1999 all the Government Transports were Name by the Name “Rani Mangamaal Transport Corporation(RMTC)”. Dindigul district was carved out of the composite Madurai District on 15.9.1985. And the Great Dindigul had Names Like Dindigul Anna , Quaid-e-Milleth and Mannar Thirumalai. The peoples in Dindigul were called as Madurai Jilla Makal.

The historical Rock Fort of this district was constructed by the famous Naik King Muthukrishnappa Naicker. It is located between 10005” and 100 9” North Latitude and 77030” and 78020” East Longitude. On the time of 1623 to 1659. In 1755 Ali was escorting Fakhr-Un-Nisha his wife and Five years old Tipu to Dindigul. From 1784 to 1790 the Fort was under the rule of Tipu Sultan. In 1784, the Tipu's commandant Syed Ibrahim, under whose care the fort was, constructed many rooms, strengthened the walls and got repaired. In 1790 Tipu was defeated in the Mysore war and the Fort came into the hands of British.

Letter Dindigul was under British. At the time they Built A Famous Church during 1866 to 1872 by the British after the fall of Tipu sultan. This church is headquarters of the Roman Catholic Diocese Of Dindigul.


By Air: Nearest Airports:
Tiruchirapally Civil Airport (59.3 km), Coimbatore Peelamedu Airport(77.5 ), Thiruvananthapuram International Airport(148.1).

By Rail: Dindigul Junction Railway Station has trains to destinations in Tamilnadu and other parts of India.

By Road: Dindigul has a network of inter-district roads connecting Coimbatore, Erode, Tiruchi, Karur, Madurai and Sivaganga District. Dindigul is 395 km away from Chennai and is well connected by Road. The Kamarajar Central Bus Stand has Bus services to various parts of Tamilnadu.


The town is famed for its iron locks that are exported to other countries and for its Leather Tanning and Textile spinning industries. Chinnalapatti, which is located 11 km from Dindigul on the Madurai-Dindigul road, is known for its flourishing handloom industry and one can find Art Silk Sarees and the famous Chinnalapatti Sarees here. Dindigul is known for its cigars too. While you are at Dindigul, you should check out Vani Vilas, which is famous for its coffee.


Venu Hotel
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

2.Anand International
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

3.Karpagam Hotel
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

4.Sangeeth Hotel
Sub Collector Office Road,
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

5.Hotel Vels Park
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STD Code
Summer 23-43°C, Winter 13-30°C
Best time to visit
October to March
Famous For
Known for its leather tanning Industry