Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh)

Bilaspur, formerly the seat of the ruler of the State is now submerged in the Gabind Sagar, is situated just above the old town of Bilaspur and can be best introduced as the first planned hill town of India.
The pleasure of a visit will be enhanced manifold when a motor launch is preferred as the means of travel, gliding through cool and enchanting waters of the lake.


It is said that in the dim past of Bilaspur, Rishi Vyas had stayed on the banks of river Sutlej, in order to do penance. It is the Vyas Gufa he stayed, in order to prepare himself for the grueling task, which he was about to execute latter in some other cave in the Uttrakhand.

Bilaspur, was formerly the seat of the ruler of the State, is now submerged in the Gabind Saga, and a new township developed above the actual town. This town was early under the rule of Chanderi kings. This town of Bilaspur was founded in 1663 and was later declared to be a princely state during the British rule in India, and was under the authority of the British province of Punjab. The historic town was submerged in 1954 when the Sutlej River was dammed to create the Govind Sagar, and a new town was built upslope of the old.


Air - Shimla Located at a Distance of 85 kms is the Nearest Airport. Well Connected with Regular Flights.

Rail - The Nearest Broad Gauge Railway Station is at Kiratpur Sahib and Nearest Narrow Gauge Railway Head is at Shimla, Connected by Regular Bus Services.

Road - Bilaspur is approachable by road from Shimla and Chandigarh Via NH 21.


Nalwari Cattle Fair

Stretching for around five days, the Nalwari Cattle Fair of Bilaspur is an exciting event. The fair is held in March/ April every year attracting visitors from far and wide. Several entertaining activities are a part of this fair and wrestling is one of them. The owners of the cattle decorate their cattle beautifully before bringing them to the fair as this is the time when they get an opportunity to strike great deals.

Raut Nach Festival

Dance is something the people of Himachal Pradesh are passionate about and this clearly reflects in their annual Raut Nach Festival. This dance festival is mainly the festival of the cowherds of the state. It is held in the month of December every year.

Bilaspur District
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