Imphal, also known as the "land of jewels", is a small and beautiful picturesque city lies in the valley of Manipur river and is surrounded by the northeastern hills and vast plains. This small city has witnessed some of the most important battles in Indian history with recent ones being one fought in world war II and the other one being fought between independent India and China.


Imphal was founded in the first century AD. The history of Manipur starts with the invasions of Burma in 900 AD which was settled after a treaty signed by Raja Jai Singh in 1826.After this Manipur became a part of India. But however again there was confusion in the succession of the throne which was settled with the intervention of the British. Only on 21st January 1972 Manipur became a Union Territory. The Nagas occupy the hilly areas of the state whereas the Meiteis occupy the valleys.



Indian Airlines flights connect Imphal with Delhi via Guwahati. Imphal is also connected with Calcutta via Agartala and Silchar by Indian flights.


The nearest railhead is Dimapur-215 km.


Motorable roads connect Imphal with Agartala, Aizwal, Dimapur, Guwahati, Itanagar, Kaziranga, Kohima, Shillong. Nagaland and Manipur State Transport also runs semi-luxury bus daily from Dimapur to Imphal (9 hrs).


Khwairamband, located in the city centre is known for its hand-woven shawls to skirts, handicraft goods, vessels, fabrics, accessories, which include jewelry and shoes primarily. The other most important feature is that it is a bazaar run exclusively by women.

Manipur Handlooms & Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd in Paona Bazaar - Handloom and handicraft items.

Kangla Emporium and the Eastern Handlooms & Handicrafts - Textiles

The Moreh Market, India-Myanmar border - imported goods and local products.

Other famous item which can be shopped here includes exotic shawls like Hauphee, the Tangkhul scarf, the most popular Moirangphee and Manipuri Dolls.

Like all the states of north-east, Manipuri crafts and handlooms are very attractive. It is worth mentionable that the Khwairamband Bazaar of Imphal is probably the only place in India run exclusively by women. Tribal women in colourful, traditional attire sell everything from hand-woven shawls to skirts, vessels, mugs, mats, fish and oranges.

Women's Market or Ima Keithel: Cacophony, bargain of products and a spread of a beautiful and colourful cloth is what you would most notice when you visit this market place. But, this is the charm of the place, if a person wants to know how the trade goes in Manipur, this is the first place to buy. The bazar consist of two main sections -one where the vegetables, fruits and necessary items are sold and the other where the handloom products of the state is sold. The peculiarity of the market is that around 3000 'Imas' or mothers run the stalls.

Khwairamband Bazar: Famous for the colourful handmade items of Manipur, Khwairamband Bazaar of the state is located in the capital city of Imphal. This bazaar is ruled by Manipuri women. There are around 3000 women who run the shops of the market. These women are called Imas, meaning mothers. The bazaar is also known as Nupi Keithel and Ima Bazaar deriving its name from the women who run it. The market area is spread on both sides of the Khwairamband Road. One side of the market is dedicated to the wonderful handloom items which are very popular among tourists. The other side of the market is full of vegetables, fruits and fishes. Other items found in this market are cosmetics, household utensils and beautiful jewellery. Various types of handicrafts such as shawls, bedsheets and Manipuri dresses can be bought from this market. Plaited Osiers are one of the famous handicrafts of Manipur.

Khwairamband is a unique market located not very far from Red Hill. It is one of the popular tourist destinations divided into two sections. One of the sections is dotted with the stalls of vegetables, fruits, fish and household groceries. The other part is full of shops selling amazing handlooms, handicrafts and jewellery. Once you are done with this market you can visit the nearby street which is famous for its wickerwork.


There are a number of government approved hotels and tourist lodges offering comfortable accommodation in Manipur. Private hotels are abound that provide modern amenities.

1.The Classic Hotel
North A.O.C, Imphal
Imphal, Manipur 795001
0385 2443969

2. Anand Continental Hotel
Thangal Bazaar
Khoyathong Road, Imphal, Manipur
0385 2449422

Keisampat Waheng Leikai Road,
0385 220944

Pologround Road Near ICTV Office T
0385 445255

5.Hotel Prince,
Thangal Bazar,
0385 223136/224010

6.Hotel Nirmala
Imphal, Imphal East, Manipur
0385 229014

Imphal West
STD Code
Summer 20-25°C, Winter 6-15°C
Best time to visit
October to March