Bastar, known as the ‘Kashmir of Chhatisgarh’, is a tribal region blessed with exceptional scenic beauty and is covered by high mountains, valleys, streams, waterfalls, natural caves, and natural parks. The Land of Tribals and Natural Resources , is also enriched with natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere.


Bastar history takes us back to the Valmiki's Ramayana, Bastar is supposed to be the famous Dandakaranya through which Lord Rama passed. Valmiki's ashram has been identified by scholars here in Baster. The rulers of Baster trace their ancestry to Prithviraj Chauhan - the last Hindu king to rule from Delhi in the 12th century. The great Kakatiya King Pratap Rudra's brother, Annam Deo, left Warangal and established his kingdom at Bastar in 1424 AD. Bastar was ruled by number of kingdoms like the Nals, Chalukyas and the Kakatiyas. During the reign of Dalpat Deo the capital kingdom of Baster was shifted to Jagdalpur.

Maharaja Pravir Chandra Bhanj Deo, the elder son of Praphul Kumari Devi became the first Oriya ruler of Bastar and the 20th Maharaja of Bastar in 1936 when his mother died. The famous Maharani hospital at Jagdalur was built in memory of Maharani Praphul Kumari Devi in 1937. In 1948, Bastar state was merged in the Indian Union.



The closest airport to Bastar is Raipur, 300kms from Jagdalpur. Raipur airport is linked with Delhi and Nagpur by flights. Bus services are available from Raipur for all major places in Bastar.


Limited railway facilities are available for Jagdalpur - district headquarter of Basar. Raipur is the most convenient place to explore Bastar as it is conveniently linked with Delhi and Nagpur via rail. Bus services are available from Raipur for all places of tourist interest in the circuit.


Road is the easiest way to get to Jagdalpur - district headquarter of Bastar. Jagdalpur is well connected by NH 215, NH 202, NH 16 and NH 202. Better option to visit tourist’s destinations in Bastar region is to arrange your own vehicles or hire taxi.


Various kinds of exotic handicrafts made by the skilled hands of Bastar tribals are available in shops, which are concentrated at Kumharapara, Jagdalpur. These include wooden crafts, bamboo crafts, terracota, bell metal items, wrought iron items and cotton fabrics (Kosa sari etc).


Accommodation is available at Raipur, Bilaspur, and Jagdalpur in private hotels and lodges. Accommodation is also available at government circuit houses.

Bastar District
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