Pitra Dhar is the highest point in the entire trekking trail of Rudranath. It fetches the trekker to an altitude of 4000 meters from where the valley below looks like a huge sphere. As the trek progresses through the lush meadows, the surroundings began to show gradual changes, which reveals the rusty and most risky face of Rudranath trek. The trail through the bumpy terrain with lofty precipices, deep ridges and crags are certainly some of the arduous treks in the entire Gharwals. Above all the trekking route is marked with asymmetrical pebbles, which demands much vigor and courage.

The trekker would get the incredible view of the Himalayan mountain ranges and the flower fed valleys from Pitradhar. Flamboyant pastures unwrap the bucolic beauty of the wild flowers and the lush greenery, which are not only bewitching but also provide a revitalizing feeling to all.