Panar Bugiyal


Bugiyal stands for meadow and as the name denotes Panar Bugyal is a lush meadow that one come cross on their trip to Rudranath. Panar offers the awe-inspiring vistas of a flowery region where implausible and post card beauties enthrall the beholder. The entire landscape is speckled with wild flowers and it looks just like a flowery carpet of marvelous flower buds. Apart from this, your trek to Panar would fetch you two lovely temples and the pictorial settings of a pretty waterfall.

Usually Panar serves as the resting place of the trekkers who are off to Rudranath. The trek through the grassy curves would be really refreshing and exciting since there are no trekking trails except that of some marks made by the shepherds. Trekking through the odd paths of deep silent woods would be really exiting, the memory of which would last for a whole life. After this lustrous halting station, one has to face tedious routes.