Literally, Nandikund is Lord Shiva’s lake. As per Hindu mythology, the Nandi Bull of the lord used to swig water from this lake and so it got the name Nandikund. Nandikund bears close association with the Pandava brothers and that makes it a great place of religious and mythological importance. One would come across with an old and a corroded sword and the popular belief is that this weapon belonged to the Pandavas.

At a lofty altitude of 15,000 feet, this lake offers one of the finest but harder treks in the entire Gharwal region. Placid water of the lake is extremely cold during the summer season and it spread to an expansion of 100 meters in length and 30 meters in width. It is from here that the Madhya Maheawar Ganga originates and from all the three sides the lake is encircled by lofty precipices. The other side gives a lovely reflection of the nearby Chaukhamba peak and it is definite that this awesome site would definitely take away the breath of the onlooker.