Nalanda Archaeological Museum


A museum that exclusively exhibits the relics of the ancient Nalanda University and its adjoining areas, Nalanda Archaeological Museum is a retreat to the eyes. It offers a authentic peep into the Pala art which proves that the university gave equal importance to creative arts along with the intellectual development. Apart from showcasing the imaginative skills, the assortment of sculptures exposes the attire, ornaments, and other features of societal life during the Pala period. In effect it is the finest portrayal of the ancient India that gives a great insight to the life and culture of the ancient Indian society.

Over the entire museum has four galleries and out of the 13463 antiquities excavated 349 are on display in these galleries. The artifacts from Nalanda are dates back to 5th to 12th century AD but those from Rajgir are prior to that. Though statues kept in this museum include stucco, bronzes, stone and terracotta items, majority of the articles are engraved on Basalt stone. All most all the artifacts reflect the Buddhist, Jain and Hindu ideologies.

Except on Fridays, the museum can be visited from 10 am to 5 pm.