The Cottage


The Cottage in Jeolikot situated at the greenish backdrop of Kumaon hills presents the magnificent Kumaon craftsmanship. This is a charming holiday resort which offers all comforts of an English vintage cottage. Antique carved doors, furniture and windows are special to these cottages.

Surrounding the cottage is the vast area of listing greeneries with fruit bearing trees, seasonal flowers and sweet-scented shrubs. One can enjoy the surrounding beauty under the starlit sky in the cool night. One can spend their languorous holidays in this resort to take back you to the primitive natures blessings. Nice delicious food is a specialty of the cottage.

The Cottage in Jeolikot is a holiday resort that is beautifully situated against the backdrop of Kumaon hills. This charming resort successfully retains the charm of a vintage English Cottage. Originally established as a health resort, the Cottage was run as a hotel by a Scottish lady and her daughter till 1947.
The Cottage in Jeolikot is surrounded by greenery with fruit trees and seasonal flowers and shrubs. The food at the resort is good and it is possible to really getaway with small treks and taking in the spectactular starlit sky at nights. The Cottage also features the beautiful craftsmanship of the Kumaon region with its decor including doorways and other woodwork.