From the early civilizations, Gujarat is home to handicraft traditions. Gujarat is the storehouse of crafts, which has been deftly passed on from generation to generation.

The crafts have a hereditary basis and are replete with vibrancy. The fascinating textiles, elaborately carved wooden and stone jharokhas, bandhini and intricately carved silver jewelry are some of the famous crafts of the state. The handicrafts of Gujarat are famous for their color scheme, detail and intricate work and artistic appearance.

In Gujarat it is customary for a bride to have exquisite hand embroidered ghagras, odhnis, animal covers, bags, quilts and house decorations as part of her trousseau.

The wide array of items to choose from include furniture, jewelry, metalwork items, embroidered garments, colorful linen, leatherwork, beadwork, mirror work, baked clay articles, etc. Gujarat is famous for its furnishings also. We can decorate our home with ethnic craft pieces, ranging from elegant cushion covers to quilts and from tablemats to bedcovers. These items are available in simple colorful geometric designs as well as complex patterns.

Gujarat's arts and crafts are essentially the legacy of its glorious past. They truly reflect the lifestyle, culture and, above all, the spirit of the state.