Theppakadu Elephant Camp


One of the biggest elephant camps in South India, it is located across an iron bridge on Moyar River at a junction that leads to Masunagudi and Mysore-Ooty Highway. At this feeding camp one can have a closer interaction with elephants and see how they are fed and looked after by their mahouts. The elephants are used for timber logging and forestry chores and are brought to the camp twice in the mornings and evenings. The younger elephants are taken to a small Vinayaka Temple in the vicinity.

The Theppakadu Elephant Camp was officially established in 1972 although a similar predecessor existed nearby since 1910. This camp allows people to interact with elephants in a controlled environment. The camp is used to train as well as house elephants. Today there are 23 elephants that reside in the camp. Every day two of the elephants perform pooja to Lord Vinayaka inside the camp. The elephants are used to provide joy rides for a fee early in the morning and then again in the evening. Tourists are also welcome to come and see the elephants fed during their evening feeding time.