Sphatik Shila


A landmark destination in the holy pilgrim centre of Chitrakoot is the Sphatik Shila. As the literal meaning of this Sanskrit word suggests, Sphatik a reddish crystal like rock where lord ram and his beloved wife used to sit and admire the scenic ambiance of the surroundings. Nearby boulder houses a footprint, which is believed to be that of the lord and paying a visit to Sphatik Shila is an inevitable part in the Chitrakoot Pilgrimage.

This pictorial location on the left banks of Mandkini River holds a funny but lovable story about the divine concern that Ram has got towards Sita. It says that Ram had taken the eye of Jayant who had pecked the feet of Sita devi while they were relaxing here at Sphatic Shila.

One of the picturesque locations in Chitrakoot, Sphatic Shila reveals the pristine and tranquil ambiance of a dense but lovely forest. Placid waters of the Mandakini river houses lots of fishes whose playful trick provides an alluring past time. The place is one of the most peaceful and scenic locations in Chitrakoot where you can feel the fresh aroma of an unspoiled nature.