Shahji Temple


Erected in the year 1876, The Shahji Temple, turns to be one of the signature structures in Vrindavan. A masterpiece in terms of art, this magnificent shrine blends beautifully different styles of structural designs in its framework. Its lovely marble structures and lofty spiral columns exposes outstanding architectural handiness. Though every nook and corner of the temple is festooned with marvelous artistic expressions the `Basanti Kamra' or the darball hall surpasses all the other facades with its elegant charm. Exquisitely fashioned Belgian glass chandeliers and fine paintings that adorn the Darbar hall arrests the vision of the beholder. A bevy of stylish miniatures that embellishes the interior of the temple is a delight for all art lovers.

Built in the form of a palace for Sri Radha Krishna, Shahjii temple rolls in to one the architectural splendors of Lakhnawi, Rajashthani and Italian susceptibility in its glorious construction. The deties of Radha Krishna is also called as Chote Radha Ramanji and the temple is constructed in a way that the idols have easy access to all part of the temple. It blends art and love aesthetically and because of its extreme beauty it is quite often referred as Tehre khambe wallah mandir

Though the visitor is not a devotee, it is sure that the temple would be an enjoyable site with its exquisite prettiness.