Sant Dnyaneshwar's Samadhi Mandir


Sant Dnyaneshwar's Samadhi Mandir is a highly revered religious spot located in Alandi. The Mandir is the gateway to Alandi town and is placed well before the bridge leading to the town. Saint Dnyaneshwar lived a short span of time at this place. The Sant inspired the population in Maharashtra to offer prayers to Lord Panduranga.

Saint Dnyaneshwar, after the holy work of translating the Bhagavad Gita into Marathi language spent his time in a holy cave in Alandi and attained Samadhi at that cave. A temple was built at the place od his Samadhi and is pilgrim centre for people from Varkari Sect in Hindu religion. The big festival held during Kartika Ekadashi is a major draw of pilgrims at this Samadhi.