Rajagopalaswamy Temple


Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple in Thiruvarur is located at Mannargudi in the outskirts of Thiruvarur. This temple is dedicated to Rajagopalaswamy, an aesthetically beautiful form of Lord Krishna. This temple is a gigantic temple in a vast expanse of land. It has amazing seven circumambulatory paths, a stately Rajagopuram (tower) with an unassuming height of 154 feet and sixteen majestic towers. The temple is captivatingly marvelous and structurally beautiful showcasing the grand old architectural excellence.

The temple complex has twenty four shrines consisting of the main perumal and thayar shrines. This temple is famous for the function named PAR PUGHALUM PANGUNI TIRUVIZHA, which is celebrated every year during the month of March.