Mohammadan Watch Tower


This is the largest and most detailed of all watchtowers among the Hampi ruins. Over looking the Noble Men’s Quarter, the primary intent of the watchtower was to guard the Danaik’s Enclosure. This is the first structure you would notice at the Danaik’s Enclosure on approaching from the Underground Temple. Mohammadan Watch Tower heralds the northwest corner of the Danaik’s Enclosure. A balcony of the watchtower projects to the mud path that passes around the corner. However you need to go through the entrance of the Danaik’s Enclosure wall at the north to access the watchtower.

Watch Tower A narrow stairway at the south gets you to the top floor. The domes made of rock and plastered together are of interest. The projecting balconies are decorated with supporting corbel brackets (seen from outside).

The ruins of the remaining two watchtowers of this enclosure are located at the southwest and the northeast corners of the compound.