Lohangi Rock


One of the objects of Historical and Tourist interest within the town is the Lohangi Rock, an isolated sand stone peak near the Railway Station. The Rock is about 6.086 metres in altitude, and rather a flat top of 9.129 metres in Diameter. On its western side there is low mosque with two Persian inscriptions inside. One dated A.H. 864 ( A.D. 1460), belongs to Mahmud Khilji - I of Malwa and the other is of Akbar, dated A.H. 987 (A. D. 1583). The tomb of Lohangi-Pir ( the title of Sheikh Jalal Chisti), after whom the rock is named is situated on its top. A bell capital of a gigantic Buddhist pillar atop the rock is popularly known as Pani-ki-Kundi. An old covered masonry tank is also there.