Khurpatal is surrounding with bright hues of green and terraced farms that make it a very attractive town. It nestles a very small Lake named 'Khurpa Tal' or 'Trowel Lake' as it is shaped like a Trowel, small and deep. It is a short drive of 11 km from Nainital and if you hike by foot down here, it would cover only 5 km as you would be following a shorter trail. This town is set at a height of 1,635 mts above sea level.

Khurpatal looks more like a secret haven hidden amidst the hills and that is the reason why it still looks like a small countryside just waiting to be discovered. You can still here the echoes of nature accompanied by serene and peaceful environs. If you are looking for a holiday which is still home away from home and the busy towns and at the same time you wish to rejuvenate and recuperate, then this is the ideal place to be.