Kashid Beach


Situated in a pretty ambience, Kashid is one among the alluring beaches in the western coast of Maharashtra. A gorgeous beach, whose sandy white shore and the calm blue water, provides a quite evening in solitude. The sun Revdanda Beach Fort: A fort in a ruined condition, Revdanda Beach Fort is a remnant of the Portuguese rule in India. Much of this Portuguese fort is in devastated condition and run over by betel nut plantations. Now a relic of the past, what remains there is, only a seven-story tower which pushes its windswept, shrubbery enclosed head over slim stem palm trees on which the betel nut fruit grow. A yawning cannonball holes in the fortification walls border the sea.

Though Revdanda Fort is in ruins, it makes a pretty sight with abundance of water flanked it by the three sides.
kissed, white, clean sandy beach with crystalline water is full of natural beauty that offers a dream destination for water enthusiasts.

One among the best beaches in the western coast, Kashid has a vast expansion of pristine beaches with clean, white sand. Its charm is added by the Casuarinas groves, which sways to the tune of the gentle sea breeze. A perfect place to admire the romantic sun set, Kashid fills oneself with an ethereal experience. The bluish water, dazzling white sands, surrounding mountains, enchanting greenery, the mesmerizing beauty of this appealing beach will definitely win ones attention.