Dassam Falls


The Dassam Fall is situated at a village named Taimara on Tata Road, 40 kms from Ranchi. The Kanchi River flows by and falls from a height of 144 feet to form the Dassam Falls or Dassam Ghagh.

A wonderful natural cascade, Dassam water falls, is situated in a beautiful cute village Taimara near Ranchi. The falls is in the renowned Kanchi River, it falls from a height of 144 feet, and the dashing waters splashing on the down earth is a marvelous sight. The surrounding eye catching sceneries attract many tourists and are added attractions of the Dassam Water falls. It is also famed as Dasham Gagh adorned with pleasant and attractive scenic beauty. Visitors are steadily growing here, and many facilities for the visitors are available.