City Palace


City Palace, the largest Palace complex in the state of Rajasthan assumed to be built in 16th century, is a majestic white marble palace royally placed perfectly in a peak reflecting its beauty in the Pichola Lake. The city palace is guarded by huge fort walls and comprises of mammoth pillars, huge domes and arches and terraces.

The palace is a specimen of Mewar style of architecture and evolution of architecture in Mewar based on European and Chinese architectural methods. Interior of palace is awesome with delicate and feminine softy feeling for visitors. It has beautiful paintings, grand silver doors, frescos and mirror work, fountains and beautiful gardens.

Palace encloses four main huge palaces, assumed to be built for Royal family members, and several mini palaces. All these palaces have its own uniqueness and many architectural and artistic attractions. This is a marvelous palace to visit and keep in mind for ever.

The palace is open for public on all working days, timings from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.…