A grassy maidan 1 km long and 75 m wide, Chaugan is the centre of all activities in Chamba. Chaugan is the focal point of all cultural and social activities in Chamba and is also the main market place selling a variety of products ranging from traditional silver jewellery to footwear. The annual Minjar Mela in Chamba, a week long fair, is held at Chaugan.

The Chaugan is the heart and hub centre of all activities in Chamba. Tradition is silent as to its use as a polo ground and the name is etymologically distinct from Chaugan, the Persian name of Polo, being of Sanskrit origin and meaning 'four-sided'. Initially the five Chaugan were a single patch of meadow. In 1890s the leveling of the Chaugan was done. It became a public promenade and Cricket ground for the British. Annual Minjar Mela is held in the Chaugan. Local people can be seen promenading in the Chaugan till late night. Gaddies with their deras can also be seen camping on the outskirts of this beautiful public promenade. Because of great pressure on Chaugan the quality of its turf is fast deteriorating. Chaugan is closed for public after Dusshera till April for maintenance.