Camel's back road


A superb rock formation, with a life-like resemblance to a sitting camel, can be seen from this spot. If horse-riding or walking happens to be your choice of unwinding during a vacation, you should not muss Camel’s Back Road, a 3 km stretch from Kulri Bazaar to Library Bazaar. Along the way, stop by to see mesmerizing sights like the sun set as the golden sun seems to melt along the snow-laden slopes of the Himalayas, and the natural formation of rocks that give them a camel-like appearance – after which the road has got its name.

True to its name, this road is a stretch of 4 km and is a natural layout of rocks shaped like the camel’s hump back. The Camel’s Back road originates from Library point and leads straight to the Kulri Bazaar, and is visible from the Mussoorie Public School.

A perfect spot for morning and evening walks, this patch promises an enriching experience for those who witness the magic of sun rays on the snow capped mountains. Ideal for a good exercise, this stretch also enables a refreshing walk. For those already tired after long walks and treks, auto rickshaws and horseback rides are available easily.