Adi Kumbeswarar Temple


Adi Kumbeswarar temple is the prime temple of attraction in Kumbakonam. It is one of the important Shiva temples in South India. The temple is dedicated to Shri Adhi Kumbeswara, a marvelous form of Lord Shiva. The temple also houses idol of Manthrapeeteswari Mangalambika, the lord's Consort.

The temple complex is amazingly huge and architecturally brilliant. The temple is attractive with artistically constructed three Gopurams and three Praharams. It is assumed that present temple is a renovated one during 16th century by the Chieftain of Achutha Nayakar of Thanjavur Govinda Theeksithan. The eastern Gopuram is 9 storied with a height of 128 ft.

There are shrines dedicated to Lord Muruga, Mangalambigai and Ganapati in the temple complex. The complex also houses Mangala Theertham and a Marriage hall.