Bihar has a rich historical past. Some great name of Indian History like Ashok, Chandragupta Mauryan and the symbol of peace and non-violence Gautam Buddha had their root in Bihar. Some of the great religions of the world like Buddhism and Jainism had sprouted form here. Thus naturally Bihar is rich with varied arts and crafts. Throughout the generation the rich heritage of art and crafts has been preserved though there are slight variations due to introduction of modern technologies.

The fine skill and perfection of Bihari craftsmen is clearly manifested from various archeological excavations in Kumhrar, Bulandibagh, Nalanda and other places. Pottery, wooden articles, metal wares, stone wares, jewelry, lacquer works, kashida, sikki and moonj wares, wooden and clay toys, zari, artistic textile fabrics and printing on cloth are some of the contemporary crafts of Bihar.