Meghalaya is the home of music and dances. The dances are associated with their festivals or seasons and hence are to be enjoyed through out the year. The dances are social, religious, agricultural, funeral and recreational. The land echoes the sound of perfect tempo, beautiful songs and traditional instruments. The dances of Meghalaya are generally held under the open sky.

The Garos usually sing folk songs relating to birth, festivals, marriage, love and heroic deeds along with the beats of various types of drums and flutes. Explore the hotels and packages with Indian Travel Agent. The Khasis and Jaintias are generally fond of songs lauding the nature surrounding them, like - lakes, hills, waterfalls, etc. and also expressing love for their land. At the time of singing, different types of musical instruments like drums, duitara and instruments similar to guitar, flutes, pipes and cymbals are also played.