Tura, is a large town present in a valley and it is surrounded by hills, with a picturesque relatively untouched landscape of hills against a backdrop of low lying plains, with the mighty river Brahmaputra making sweeping curves as it flows towards Bangladesh. It is truly a paradise for nature lovers for capturing the mesmerizing beauty of nature. It is a gateway to some places such as Nokrek, Balpakram and Siju Caves.


By Air: Guwahati is the nearest airport.

By Rail: Guwahati is the nearest railhead and is well-connected to the rest of the country.

By Road: Both Deluxe and ordinary bus services are available. Meghalaya Road Transport also run regular bus services in Meghalaya.


There are few tourist lodges available at Tura. One can also stay at Shillong, which provides a good line of accommodation facility.

West Garo Hills
STD Code
Summer 22-30°C, Winter 10-22°C
Best time to visit
Throughout the year
Famous For
Tura in Meghalaya is famous for its picture postcard beauty