Located in a dense forest that provides a beautiful sense of isolation, Shivgiri is situated above the Yemmedoddi village in Hoggarekangri hills, north of Baba Budan Giri hills.

The Shivgiri Trails Estate, which is almost 100 years old, is situated on top of a hill in the midlle of the tiger reserve in the jungles of Yemmedoddi. Vast areas are covered with coffee plantations, the rich red berries of coffee seeds add their colour to the dense greenery around.

The forest aound Shivgiri were the favourite hunting grounds of the British for its varied wild life.

Shivgiri is located to the north of Babu Budanagiri heaps in the Kadur taluk of Chikmagalur district. At Shivgiri, tigers can be found on their way through the rich red berries of coffee seeds. These coffee shoot can be seen from the hundreds of coffee plants that is originated around the estate.

This estate is imagined to be 100 years old. This estate is located on top of the hill. It is correctly in the middle of a tiger reserve in the jungles of Yemmedoddi. As one goes along the sloughy road the view of the village from the top of the hill is a feast to the eye. The path up the hill is insulated.

The holidaymakers can also enjoy the birds watching in the forest in Shivgiri. The Yemmedoddi forests were the most favourite hunting grounds of the British.

They used to hunt tigers, wild boars etc. Shivgiri is altogether separated from the external world and that makes it one of the best holiday spot. It is a wonderful place to relax, reducing distress and stay aloof from the hustle and bustle of city life. The forest passes risky guessed in the form of trekking, rock mounting and wildlife watching.

Shivgiri is famous for its exciting trekking trails…so haul onto your backpacks and a comfortable pair of shoes to set to the outdoors.


Air: The nearest airport is Bangalore international airport which is nearly 235 km away from Shivgiri. Bangalore is well connected to most of the airports in India and also is connected to many important cities abroad. Tourist taxi facilities are available from Bangalore airport to Shivpuri. Tourist taxi charges about Rs 4000.

Rail: Shivgiri railway station is connected to Hubli by regular trains. Nearest major rail junction is Hubli. Hubli is well connected by rail to all major railheads in India.

Road: KSRTC bus services are available from Shivgiri to all nearby cities. Regular bus services are available from Shivpuri to Hubli, Kollegala, Mysore and Bangalore.


Shivgiri Trails Estate offers an excellent package that includes stay, meals and trek through the forest and it is not at all expensive.

Things to do

Rock Climbing: Rock climbing is one of the best sports in Shivgiri. It is one of the greatest forms of adventures. It is done on the Doddabale Siddaragudda peak.

The Doddabale Siddaragudda peak is about 5500 feet high. Climb to the peak is tiring but at the same time it is rewarding as well. While ascending the peak one can notice large coffee plantations. Also pugmarks and droppings of animals can be sighted all along the climb. It is always advisable to take an experienced guide lest one wanders off deeper into the forest. The peak extends mythical catch of the rivers and the villages below and they are a wonderful sight to the eye.

Trekking: Shivgiri offers great adventure in the form of trekking and rock climbing. There is a 5500 ft peak called the Doddabale Siddaragudda and the trek to the top can be rather tiring but hugely rewarding. To get to the top, you have to walk through the thick coffee plantations and you will find droppings and pugmarks of animals by the dozens. There is always an experienced guide to lead the trekkers least they go off deeper into the forest. The peak offers fabulous view of the rivers and the villages far below and you can see for miles.

Birdwatching: Shivgiri is a wonderful place for bird lovers. The air in the forest is filled with sounds of different birds, which makes the atmosphere wonderful.

The different birds that can be seen in Shivgiri are woodpeckers, finches and sunbirds. Wild mynahs, barbets, babblers and many other verities of birds can also be seen in the forest of Shivgiri.

Jungle Safari: The jungles of Shivgiri house a wide variety of wildlife and birds. The cry of the wild animals can be heard throughout the day. The sound of wild pigs, the pugmarks of a tiger or even a panther is a common sight.

To watch the animals in their natural habitat one has to take a jungle safari into the forests of Yemmedoddi in Shivgiri. If one is lucky they will get to see the tigers and the always-subtle panthers. Apart from this the different animals that can be seen are the deer, wild boar, sloth bear, jackal, monkeys, elephants and other varieties of animals.

Chikmagalur district
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October to May