Mamit is an administrative headquarters of Mamit District which is part of the north-eastern state of Mizoram. It is a census town, which is located at an elevation of around 718 metres. This town is surrounded by the states of Assam and Tripura towards the north and west, while Kolasib and Aizawl Districts border it from the east.

One of the major attractions of Mamit is the West Phaileng, which is famous for its dense plantation of teak. It is at an altitude of about 1,290 ft above sea level and experiences moderate climate with high humidity. The Lallen is another tourist attraction which is popular.

The Lungkulh, which has various artificial lakes, is also popular. The Phuldungsei, Saitlaw and Kanghmun are some of the other famous places. The Pukzing is another tourist attraction famous for the 25 m wide Pukzing Cave. The Sabaul, Sibutalung and Tukkalh are names of few other prominent attractions in Mamit.

The entire district of Mamit covers a large area of approximately 3025.75 sq. km. Mamit is a beautiful town surrounded by hills and is around 30 km from the state capital Aizawl. The district of Mamit was constituted on 11th March 1998, when the earlier civil sub-division was segregated from Aizawl District. Some of the famous tourist attractions in the region are Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary or Tiger Reserve, Lungkulh and the small villages of Pukzing and Phuldungsei.

Mizos living in Mamit are known for their traditional folk and community dances like Khuallam, Chheih Lam, Sarlamkai and Cheraw. Various local handicrafts, toys and shawls can be easily found in the small markets in the town. The bamboo pop-up gun is a popular tribal item available in the region. This gun is made using bamboo, which forms the barrel.

Some important household items including Tuium, made from bamboo, are also available in the town of Mamit. The Lushai tribe residing in the region make the Thalangara tray which is useful for winnowing. Bamboo is also used for making Vaibel (smoking pipe) and Tuibur that are generally used by local women and men respectively.

Agriculture is the major occupation of the residents in Mamit, who also celebrate various festivals related to this occupation. Mim Kut is the maize harvesting festival, whereas the festival of Pawl Kut is celebrated for two days in the months of December and January. Other important festivals celebrated in the Mamit region are Chapchar Kut, Thalfavang Kut and Christmas.

Imphal Airport is the closest airport located near the town of Mamit. Tourists coming to Mamit can take trains till the nearest railhead at Silchar, which is well-connected with the town by local buses and taxis. The suitable time to travel to Mamit is from December through February, which is the ideal period to enjoy tribal festivals.