Mori, situated along the banks of the Tons river in the Jaunsar Bawar region. It is an apt place for holiday camping, to rejuvenate and relax the body mind and whole life activities. It is well known for adventurous water sports activities


Air: Nearest airport is Jollygrant which is 175 km away from Mori and is situated in Dehradun. Jollygrant airport is connected to Delhi airport. Taxi services are available from airport to Mori and it costs about Rs 3300. Delhi is the nearest international airport which is 410 km away. Delhi is well connected to all major cities in India and many cities abroad.

Rail: Nearest railway station is also Dehradun, which is nearly 175 km away from Mori. This station is connected to all cities in India. Taxi services are available from Dehradun to Mori, costing about Rs 3300.

Road: Mori is well connected to many cities in the region by buses. Private and public buses offer services from Mori to all nearby cities. Regular frequent bus services are available from Mori to Mussoorie (139 km).

Things to do

Camping: Camping turns out to be a hobby of many merry travelers, which offers the great enjoyment of boundless natural beauty, to peel away from the stress and strains of urbanized living style. A wonderful pleasant experience, camping in Mori is awesome. Amidst the luxurious greeneries, rosy sunrise and whitish moonlights, the banks of Tons river, Mori is a perfect location for family camping. Those who looks for intransigent adventures, this is an apt place which offers a charming camping outing which can bring a new lease of life.

Come over to Mori, lusting greeneries, challenging river rafting, trekking and rappelling, the camping here is a festival for any tourist. An ideal camping to unwind, relax and merge with the nature’s pristine environments, with strikingly beautiful greenish sceneries and lots of adventure.

Many private resorts offer fantastic camping facilities here. One can move out for an overnight outdoor camping in the striking peaky meadows in Mori. Be a part of the bonfire and barbecue all along the night and relax yourself, the offer of Mori camping is fabulous. Populated with exceptional and awesome flora and fauna, Mori is a camping paradise and camping here is really an experience not to forget.

Rafting and Kayaking: Tons river offers the ultimate enjoyment in rafting and kayaking for adventurous tourists. Tons is the largest offshoot of the Yamuna river, originating at Bandarpunch peak of 20,720 feet. With its exciting stream, Mori offers outstanding rush and the excitement of being with nature is fantastic.

Adventurous and highly motivated rafters and kayakers can opt for a multi-day outing trip on the Tons river up to the dam at Icchhari. In all, an unforgettable family tourist spot to camp in summer, with the grand feast of Rafting and Kayaking.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling: Mori is a school of teaching the Rappelling. One can start from kinder garten to graduate school of Rock climbing in Mori, with many natural rock faces surrounding the undulated hilly terrain. It is a very complicated exercise to have climbing in the hard granite faces of the rough rocks.

It is really worth trying out, make some fantastic moves and get satisfied with the adventurous activity undertaken. Really a challenging sports offered by Mori.

Trekking: Meander around the unfriendly terrains, undulated, rocky and challenging, Mori makes you to take up the challenge of jungle trekking. The Har-ki-Dun valley and the places, dense forested greenish surroundings, around Mori have some good trekking trails.

Motivated tourists can take outdoor memorable trips, nature walking, drinking the mesmerizing beauty of nature. One need to take in the bag the basic necessities for the trekking trip, choice is for an unforgettable effort. Trekking in Mori is really breath taking.

STD Code
Summer 9-23°C, Winter 2-10°C
Best time to visit
April - September