Mansa, believed to be founded by Bhai Gurdas, is situated in the cotton belt of state and is popularly known as "Area of White Gold". Pre-Harappan, Harappan and late Harappan sites found in the region are the testimony of the fact that life in Mansa began in around 2800 BC.


The town is said to have been founded by Bhai Gurdas who hailed from Dhingar, Distt. Mansa. He is said to have been married at this place among the Dhaliwal Jat Sikh. Once he came to his in-laws to take his wife along with him but they refused to send her. At this, Bhai Gurdas sat in meditation before the house of his in-laws. After some time, the parents of the girl agreed to send their daughter with Bhai Gurdas. But he refused to take her along with him, stating that he had now renounced the worldly way of life. In his memory, his Smadh was constructed where a fair is held every year in March-April. People in large numbers attend the fair and offer Laddus and Gur at Smadh. Class ‘A’ municipality has been functioning in the town since 1952.


Air: The nearest airports are located at New Delhi and Chandigarh which are 248 km and 180 km away by road respectively.New airports will be in working soon at ludhiana, International Airport at Mohali, Bhatinda.

Rail: It is connected by rail and situated on the Delhi–Bathinda branch line of Northern Railway. Many trains like New Delhi–Bathinda Intercity Express,Ferozepur Mumbai Janta Express, Bikaner Guwahti Express and Punjab-Mail come to Mansa station. Besides, there are several passenger trains running between New Delhi and Mansa at regular intervals daily.

Road: Mansa is well connected to all the cities of punjab by bus routes.

STD Code
Summer 30-40°C, Winter 12-20°C
Best time to visit
Oct - Mar
Famous For
Mansa Fair that is held in either March or April