Kalsi, located on the banks of river Yamuna, is a small town is known both for its magnificent beauty and its historical values as well.


Air: Nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is a domestic airport located at about 73 km away from city center. Taxi cabs are available from airport to Kalsi city, which cost about Rs 1500. The airport operates daily flights to Delhi. Nearest International airport is Delhi, which is about 285 km away.

Rail: Dehradun is the nearest railway station, which is about 49 km away. The station is well connected to many major cities in India. The taxi charge between Dehradun and Kalsi is about Rs 1000.

Road: Kalsi is well connected by state owned bus services. Many buses are available from Kalsi to Dehradun (49 km) and also to all neighboring cities. Private deluxe buses charge about Rs 3 per kilometer while state buses charge less than Re 1 per kilometer. Deluxe tourist buses go to Kalsi from New Delhi daily.

Things to do

An incredibly charming and easy walking trail (about 3½ km) runs along the ashram road past the boundary wall of the Snow Lion Estate and all the way to Katta Pathar Village, where the Yamuna River first bursts out of the mountains. The village gets its name from a now extinct iron mine.

To your left are the glorious 180 degrees panoramas of the Chakrata Hills, embellished at their base by the patchwork quilt of cultivated fields edging the banks of the turbulent Yamuna River. The river may be a muddy brown when it rains, but it’s a glorious aqua, clear as crystal, when the monsoons are banished. River crossings in the shallows are then most rewarding for anglers who can find a secluded spot to lure mahseer.

Punctuating the riverbanks are neat little beaches where you can have great picnics once the monsoon waters recede. Cross the stream rushing down to the river, by the quaint little wooden bridge, go pebble hunting along the banks past the water mill where the villagers bring their corn to be ground in fair weather. You can also drive up to various points in the Mussoorie and Chakrata foothills to walk down some designated jungle trails. Go armed with camera and binocs.

But for those who abhor any form of undue exertion on a holiday, within the bounds of the estate itself, are delightful walks amidst the trees and lawns.

River Rafting: While at Kalsi, one can witness the most beautiful form of River Yamuna with its crystalline water and a sparkling appeal. The winding paths of this majestic river through the lush meadows and the deep woods provide one with perfect rapids. A water lover cannot find a suitable place than this to perform rafting. This thrilling and adventurous event offers a rejuvenating vigor to the participants.

The gushing waters of Yamuna River satisfy both the beginners as well as the tough professional. It gives a rare opportunity to trench once spirit and proficiency against the tough nature as one negotiate in the rapids, contrive the bends, drive along canyons and shatter into gleaming waves.

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Summer 17-30°C, Winter 5-22°C
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