The town of Hazira is located in the Sirsa District of Haryana. The town is located 223 km west of Delhi, the capital of India. Sirsa, Sangrur, Hisar, Hanumangarh, Bhatinda and Abohar are some of the popular places located close to this town.

Hazira is an important place from an archaeological and historical point of view. During the excavation of the Ghaggar Valley, archaeologists found the remains of the Rang Mahal at this place. Mentions of the Sirsa District were found in the Mahabharata and Sairishaka.

The town of Hazira is on the border between Punjab and Rajasthan, due to which, the population of this place is multiethnic. The culture of this place is Haryanvi predominantly; however, Rajasthani and Punjabi cultures are also intermixed with it. The people here speak different languages such as Haryanvi, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu; however, the majorly spoken language is Bagri, which is a dialect of the Rajasthani language. The food of this place is influenced by Rajasthani and Punjabi cuisines.

Teej and Gangor are the major festivals that are celebrated by the local people. The former is celebrated in the month of July or August; and the latter, in the month of March or April. During this time, fairs are conducted in different parts of this town. That apart, the Bhadrakali Mela, Pallu Mela and Shila Mata Mela are fairs organised in Hanumangarh, a popular tourist spot near Hazira.

The closest railway station to Hazira is Hanumangarh Junction (HMH), located at a distance of 46.7 km. The nearest airport is Jaipur, which is at a distance of 287 km. The airport is connected to all the major towns of India such as Delhi, Amritsar, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

The weather of this place is dry and hot in summer, with inadequate rainfall during the monsoon. Summer is between the months of April and October during which, dust-storms are known to occur. The time between the months of November and March is ideal to visit Hazira.