Situated on the eastern side of the Vindhya hills and at the northern fringes of the Deccan is the beautiful state of Jharkhand. Blessed by nature and known for its rich and diverse culture, Jharkhand is visited by large number of tourists every year. Jharkhand is home to large number of fairs and festivals celebrated throughout the year.

Jharkhand celebrates its rich culture and rituals with a number of fairs and festivals. This is the reason for frequent fairs and festivals across the state. Jharkhand celebrates most of the Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dushera and Ramnavami with interest and passion. Muslim festivals like Muhrram and Bakri-Id are also celebrated. Along with these festivals, Sangat, Karma, Manda, Sarhaul and Jani Shikar are some of the some special festivals of Jharkhand.

A number of fairs at the holy places of the state are held during the festivals. Chaitra Mela, Kundri Mela of Chatra, Kolhua Mela of Hunterganj, Kolhaiya Mela of Chatra, Lawalong Mela, Tutilawal Mela of Simaria and Bhadli Mela of Itkhori are some of the famous fairs of Jharkhand. Festivals of Jharkhand are the best time to explore the rich cultural legacy of Jharkhand.

The major and most celebrated festivals at Jharkhand include Holi which is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. Dussehra that marks the magnanimous victory of Prince Ram over the demon of Lanka who had ten heads, Ravana and Ramanavami which is basically the celebration of Prince Ram's birthday.