Vanganga Lake and Island Garden

The Vanganga Lake and Island Garden is located 5 kms away from the city of Silvassa. The place has a large lake and is filled with wooden bridges, flowers, jogging paths, and thatched huts. This is a great place for a visit in the evenings, particularly if you have young kids given the fun activities, numerous snack stalls along the shore of the lake, and the general level of activity.

The Vanganga Lake and Island Garden has been featured in many bollywood movies - especially for songs.

The Island Garden is connected to the central island with Japanese style wooden bridges. This is a good place for a leisurly walk.

The best time to visit Vanganga Lake and Island Garden is in the early evening when the weather cools down a bit and the evening breeze from the sea starts to kick in.

An artificial lake has been created here, with a Japanese garden in the centre. Paddleboats are available in the lake and different species of fish have been introduced to popularise angling.