Takht - I - Akbari


Coronation Site Of Mughal Emperor AKBAR THE GREAT (1556 – 1605 AD)

Here he was coroneted as the Emperor of Hindustan on 14th February 1556 AD. Protected by Archaeological Survey of India.

AKBAR the great Mughal Emperor 1556 – 1605 was coronated at a place situated at a distance of 2 Kms East of Kalanaur. HUMAYUN, the father of Akbar, died on 26 January 1556 in Delhi in a fatal accident while climbing down the stairs of Din-I-Pannah library also known as Sher – Mandal. At the time of coronation, Akbar was only 13 years 3 months old. At the time of his father’s death he was accompanying his tutor BAIRAM KHAN and was staying at Kalanaur.