Maitri Bagh


The only zoo cum children park available in this region for general public. The Bag is maintained by the Bhilai Steel Plant Management with all the facilities of playing for children apart from a comprehensive zoo with many birds, animals and reptiles.

Main attraction is the white tiger which are 4 in number. The huge sized Lions and lionesses also attracts all age group of people. People and many school children come for picnic and other functions. Every year a Flower show is organised in the Bag during which many kind of unbelievable sized flowers and vegetables are displayed which are brought from various part of the district.

Musical Fountain is a marvelous fountain that is being maintained by the management of Bhilai Steel Plant at Maitry Bag. The Fountain comprises of many fountains of water dancing on the tune of music. The show is organised in the evening on alternate days. The viewers view the fountain with an astonishing eye. The programme remains for 20 minutes and 2 shows are organised. Zoo and a park established by the Bhilai Steel Plant. The colorful musical fountain & the accompanying show are quite famous.