Katka a base for safaris, and good spot to see tigers and for bird-watching. Katka is well known for many rare and majestic wild animals. At Katka, one can see many precious wild animals right from tigers to deer and also varieties of birds and many kinds of monkeys. Here one can hear the natures’ music mixed with the wild fowls in the mornings and evenings.

For those interested in wildlife trekking, the vast expanse of grassy meadows running from Katka to Kachikhali (Tiger Point) is an ideal route. Don’t miss this place if you are an adventurous tourist.

Katka is a famous base for safaris in Sunderbans and also a good location to spot tigers. In addition, it is one of the ideal locations for bird-watching, which is also known for several rare wild animals. At this location, tourists can spot wild animals ranging from tigers and deer to different species of birds and several kinds of monkeys.

For trekkers, it is the commencing point for trekking trail, which extends till Kachikhali, also known as a Tiger Point. It is an ideal trekking route for adventure enthusiasts.