Kalpeshwar Temple


An ancient rock temple that bears a close association with the mighty Pandavas, Kalpeshwar temple enchants the devotee with its exquisite devoutness. It is believed that this was the place where the hair and head of Lord Shiva fell on. Hence the lord is adorned and worshipped in the form of disheveled hair.

The small but serene shrine is placed in a tranquil atmosphere where the devotee can experience absolute peace of mind. The settings are so charming that even a casual visitor would feel to come back to this soothing environ again and again. Temple can be approached through a cave and that it self is the most captivating allure of this tiny shrine. While passing through the pictorial Urgma valley the visitor would come across with terraced fields, lush forests and amazingly friendly people. This all around greenery and lovely environ makes one’s hike to this shrine a joyous and a marvelous experience the lure of which would lasts for a life time.