Falaknuma Palace


Falaknuma Palace is located 5 kilometers due south of Charminar. The palace is located on a 2000-foot-high hill. Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra built this palace and Nizam VI purchased this palace from Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra in 1897. The latter used this palace as a royal guest house. The grandson of Nizam VII, Nawab Mukarramjah Bahadur, owns this palace now.

With lavishly decorated interiors and built by an Italian architect, this palace stands as a witness to the late nineteenth century architectural taste of Hyderabad. The palace is modeled like a scorpion whose two “stings‿ are spreading out towards north. The palace has as many as 220 lavishly designed rooms as well as 22 halls.

The rosewood dining table of the palace is known for its ability to take 100 guests at a time. With its Venetian chandeliers, marble staircase, carved balustrades, a massive library with one of the unique collection of the Holy Quran, this palace deserve not to be missed out by any visitor. Prior permission is a must to visit this exotic palace.